5 Reasons to Get a Refurbished Smartphone with No Fear

5 Reasons to Get a Refurbished Smartphone with No Fear

There are a lot of things to fear in life. Spiders, ghosts, an empty bank account – these are all legitimate fears that people have. Life is scary like that. One thing you shouldn’t be afraid of, however, is getting a refurbished smartphone.

In fact, buying refurbished phones is one of the smartest and safest purchase decisions you’ll ever make, especially if you get it from CompAsia. Here are some reasons why.




Multiple Certified Blancco Diagnostic Tests

Blancco Diagnostics tests are usually done to find and fix any issues on mobile devices.  The refurbished smartphones from CompAsia go through these tests many times so that when you buy them, you won’t experience any problems with the device. On iPhones, they go undergo 25 tests, while Android phones have 30 tests. Phew!




Comes With A New Packaging and 1 Year Warranty

Receiving a refurbished smartphone means you’ll be getting it in its own special packaging. They come in an environmentally-friendly packaging, and accompanied with a 1-year warranty, for that extra peace of mind you’ll surely appreciate.




Your Phone Has Its Own Guard!

For most people, their phone is their most prized possession. So, it makes sense to have a guard for your phone, right? CompAsia’s refurbished smartphones have Phone Guard protection just to lessen your worries. What does the Phone Guard do? It gives you protection in case you crack your smartphone screen. If this happens, we will perform a screen replacement for you. Awesome!




Save Money, Save the World

You know what else you don’t have to worry about? You don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your wallet or the ozone. Buying a refurbished smartphone from CompAsia lets you save money, while also contributing towards a greener earth because, by refurbishing, we’re reducing the amount of e-waste that goes into the environment.




A Concept Store for You to See and Believe

Yep, that’s right. CompAsia will be opening its first Concept Store in Pontian, Johor. At the store, you can see, touch, feel and play with the smartphones to see the quality for yourself. After all, seeing is believing. There will be more franchise stores opening soon, so watch out for them!

As you can see, there’s no real reason for you to feel fear about purchasing refurbished phones. In fact, you can straight away click here and start buying!

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