Why So Many Commitments?

Why So Many Commitments?

Life can be complicated. To make things worse, we also have too many commitments. Loans, rentals, relationships… Even buying a smartphone can involve signing a 24-month contract to a single telco! Why can’t things be simpler? Why can’t you just buy a phone with the option to upgrade it after a year or so? If you think it’s fine to be tied down to a 2-year contract, here are a few reasons to make you think again.

In long run, it costs more money
When you sign up for a 24-month contract, you might get a discounted price on your device. You’ll also be tied to a telco plan with a hefty monthly bill. Don’t be surprised if in the long term you’ll end up paying more than the amount you saved on device price.

You’re stuck with one telco
Let’s face it. No telco is perfect and from time to time, they fail to provide the service you want. That’s why it’s great to have the freedom to change telco anytime you want. By signing a 2-year contract with a single telco, you’re throwing that freedom away. You can only switch to a different telco if you pay a big penalty. Who has time for that?

No upgrades for 2 year
Every year, the big smartphone manufacturers will announce a new phone model. Some even come out with new models every few months! So you might be buying the latest smartphone when you sign up for your 2-year contract, but by the time that contract ends, your phone would have been outdated by a few generations. That means missing out on the latest and coolest smartphone features.


Thankfully, nowadays it’s easy (and affordable) to get a smartphone without being tied to 2-year contracts with a single telco. Introducing the ReNew+ program! It’s the easy-payment plan to get the latest smartphones, with no telco contract in sight. Plus, you can even upgrade your smartphone every 12-months. This is certainly good news if you want to cut the commitments in your life.

Sign up today and say goodbye to 2-year plans!



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