Green Rangers, Time to Get in Formation!

Green Rangers, Time to Get in Formation!

Guys, it’s morphin’ time!

To save our world, we need to morph it into a greener one. You can be part of this rescue mission, too! For this mission, we want you to be the Green Ranger that will help bring new life to the earth.




The Mission: Go Green

For CompAsia, one of our missions is to treat the environment better and restore nature’s beauty. That’s why we try our best in encouraging more people to practise green living through refurbishing.

Now, we’re taking one step further by putting more trees in the world.




Make the World Beau-tree-ful Again

In support of Global Environment Centre’s Monthly Tree Planting efforts, CompAsia is calling for everyone to join this initiative. Done around once a month, this activity aims to conserve and restore the North Selangor Peat Swamp Forest to its former glory. It’s also designed to increase environmental awareness for the sake of future generations.




Refurbishing: A New Hope

When you buy a refurbished gadget from CompAsia, you are reducing the amount of e-waste that goes into landfills. You are stopping harmful chemicals from seeping into our soil and rivers. Now, when you buy gadgets from CompAsia, you’re also supporting the efforts to plant a tree.




Go, go, Green Ranger!

You – yes, you – can be CompAsia’s Green Ranger. Other than buying refurbished, you can also participate in the tree planting sessions. You can plant the seed to a greener future, just by checking out the sessions’ schedule and registering here. It’s a fun activity and the best part is, it’s free!



Do Your Part and Save the World

Some will ask, what can one person do? But we believe one person can change the world. Take the first step and act, because every little action to help Mother Nature, will pay off greatly for us and future generations. Let’s save the world together, guys!

For more information on refurbishing and how it can positively impact the environment, click here.

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