Refurbished Gadgets?
5 Things That Might Surprise You.

Refurbished Gadgets?
5 Things That Might Surprise You.

By now, you’ve probably heard a few things about refurbishing. But how much of it is true? Never fear, we’re here to set the record straight and heads up, some of the facts might just make you mind blown.


“Eh, refurbished gadgets can be trusted or not?”

First of all, refurbished goods usually have to go through lots of testing and must pass strict standards before they can be sold. So, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get faulty refurbished goods. Secondly, most refurbished goods will have a warranty for your peace of mind.


“Of course refurbished products have good warranty. They have a lot of problems!”

Like we said, the warranty is for your peace of mind. For the manufacturers or sellers, they prefer to make sure the refurbished products are in top condition. After all, if you claim your warranty too many times, it will not be good for the seller’s reputation and it will cost them a lot of money.


“Refurbished, must be old products. Can only be used for a while”

Don’t be surprised if we tell you that most refurbished products are either new or gently used devices. Many times customer return back products to manufacturers because of scratches, dents, and minor defects. Manufacturers then take these products, fix ‘em up, and resell them as refurbished products with a lot of life left in them.


“New products have all the latest specs. Refurbished goods don’t, right?”

Honestly, do you really need the latest specifications and configurations? For products like computers, we mostly use them to check emails, write documents and browse Facebook. For these simple tasks, refurbished computers can do the job. At a cheaper price!


“But refurbished products can’t be used for business”

You can consider this myth busted. A lot of refurbished electronics were used to run businesses. Most of them were corporate machines, and once refurbished, can be the perfect solution to your business needs.

By the way, CompAsia is Asia’s leading distributor and retailer of professionally refurbished IT gadgets, with network presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. So, when you purchase from us, you can be assured you’ll get all the good stuff. We promise!

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