Smartphone Shopping, the Smart Way

Smartphone Shopping, the Smart Way

It’s hard to fight the temptation of buying a new smartphone. You see the TV advertisements, the flashy billboards… How about those Instagram photos with the #ShotOnNewSmartphone hashtags? Those alone can make you drool with envy!

Before you rush off and buy that shiny new smartphone though, make sure you ask the right questions to avoid regrets. Don’t worry, we’ll help you ask the right questions!

Can you afford it or not?

What’s your budget? Compare it with the specs you’re looking for. Low-end options might not give you all the specs you need, while top-tier ones will cost a bit more. To stretch your budget, look for deals and discounts online, consider refurbished products or look for plans with low monthly payments that you can afford.

Does your current phone have trade-in or resell value?

Before you say bye-bye to your current phone, check for its trade-in or resell value. This way, your wallet won’t suffer as much. If you can’t trade in or resell, refurbish or recycle your phone instead. You won’t earn much (or any) money but you’ll help save the environment from e-wastes.

Tied down or no strings attached?

We know some of you are afraid of commitments. So, signing carrier contracts might not be the best choice for you because it could tie you down for an extended period (usually 24 months). During that period, you might fall out of love with your carrier and want to jump ship. Doing so would mean paying a penalty – something which no one wants. That’s why it’s better to get a smartphone with no strings attached.

Got Warranty?

It’s always good to get added value. When buying your smartphone, make sure your purchase comes with a warranty plus other forms of protection, such as cracked screen replacement.

Can You Easily Upgrade Later?

Make sure it’s easy to upgrade your phone. It can go out-of-date very fast, so buying it from a seller that offers trade-up programs can help you save a loooooot in the long run, while making sure you have the latest models.

Once you’ve asked these questions, you’re all set to buy a new smartphone. As a bonus, here’s a smart tip for you. Buy one through CompAsia’s ReNew+ program. It offers low and affordable monthly payments, with no carrier contract, complete with warranty and cracked screen protection. It also allows you to upgrade to a new smartphone every 12 months!

Get smart and get your new phone with ReNew+, peeps!


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