How to Spot Fake Refurbished iPhones

How to Spot Fake Refurbished iPhones

When consumers get smarter, scammers step up their game too. That’s why there’s a higher chance of you getting conned when buying a smartphone.

The latest tactic by greedy scammers is to sell repaired or fake iPhones but claiming the iPhones are refurbished. Of course, they will lure you with a lower price but beware, you will not get the same quality as real refurbished iPhones!

To avoid disappointment from buying a repaired fake iPhone, check out our top tips to spot the scam.




Look Closely

Trust your eyes. Look very carefully at the phone and you might spot something off. The colour of the iPhone is an easy way to recognise a fake. Fake iPhones have colours other than the official releases. Go to Apple’s website (or just Google) to check the officially available colours for each model. For example, iPhone 5 only has black slate and white silver models while iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 should only be available in gold, silver and space grey. If you find other colours for these models, those are definitely fake.




Touch It and Feel It

When you touch a real iPhone, the finishing will feel smooth. Everything fits perfectly. But a fake phone will have missing or even extra features. Missing or broken features could include no Touch ID, reduced screen sensitivity, and faulty home button. Meanwhile, one of the most common “extra” features of a fake phone is, it would have dual SIM card slots. Real and refurbished iPhones (5th generation and above) only have a single nano-SIM card slot. Also, the back of the phone would slide off easily compared to an authentic iPhone.




Check Its Performance

The best way to spot a fake is to play around with the iPhone. A fake iPhone would be slower, the camera would not be as good, and some apps would not function like you would expect it to. Try opening iTunes on the refurbished iPhone and if it leads you somewhere else, you will know for sure that iPhone is not authentic.


If Buying Online, Check the Reviews

The previous tips only work if you’re at a physical store and can test out the iPhone before buying. But what if you’re buying the phone online? A simple way to separate the fake with real refurbished iPhones is to check buyers’ reviews on the site you’re buying the iPhone from. Of course, the fake ones would have bad reviews. Go through the reviews and you can easily spot problematic fakes.






Buy from a Trusted Seller

Like buying anything else, you should do a bit of research before committing to a purchase. Find out who you’re buying from. Is there any information about the seller online? Do they have a good track record? Do they provide warranties? Where do their refurbished phones come from and what are their refurbishing processes? Once you get satisfying answers to all these questions, then you can seriously consider buying from the seller.




Just remember, real refurbished iPhones would have the same quality as new ones. The parts are original and should work like brand new because it would undergo strict refurbishing processes.

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