You Can Be A Hero and Save the Earth!

You Can Be A Hero and Save the Earth!

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We all love a good action movie, don’t we? The story of a hero that saves the day no matter how big the obstacles somehow appeals to us. Maybe it’s because we secretly wish to also be a hero like in those movies.

Just look at Matt Damon in the movie The Great Wall. Who wouldn’t want to be a hero like him?

*Warning, spoilers ahead*

In the movie, Matt Damon’s character helps battle supernatural beasts called “Taotie” that are filled with greed, causing massive destruction along their path. The hero – who has a dark past – learns that with faith and perseverance, he can achieve victory even when the odds are against it.

It’s a thrilling movie but along with the action, comes a few lessons on how to be a hero.



Greed leads to destruction

The Taotie beasts might be a myth, but they’re also symbolic of the greed and gluttony that can consume mankind. We can already see how it’s destroying our nature. Because of over-consumption and degradation of the environment just to satisfy our modern needs, nature has greatly suffered. This, of course, something you should not do if you want to become a hero.

the great wall
The Great Wall heroes


No Hero Succeeds Alone

While Matt Damon was the main character of the movie, he didn’t claim victory by himself. He had a team that supported him, and everyone played an equal part to save the day. Likewise, we can only be successful when we work together to achieve a goal.

The Great Wall
The Great Wall


Have Faith, Work Hard, Save the World

We might feel that it’s hard to do great things. It is! But with hard work, diligence, perseverance and a little bit of faith, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. You can even stop earth’s destruction!

Having learned these lesson, how can you be a hero in real life? Easy. You become a hero by not being wasteful, and being more considerate to the environment. For example, rather than buying new electronic products, you can consider refurbished ones. Encourage your friends to do the same and you might even start a movement to save Mother Nature. Don’t be discouraged and always have faith that you can make a difference. This is just one small step towards your journey of becoming a hero.

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